Other Spaces - Before and After

This was a home where over the years we did the kitchen, master bath and 2 other baths

The homeowners spend so much time in the family room, they wanted it to be as inviting as the other rooms.

It's a big room that was divided into 2 areas - the TV section and then the fireplace area. As you can see from the before - it wasn't an inviting area and they just didn't know what to do with it.

Since the area is not symmetrical and impeded by a walkway into the kitchen, we suggested removing the raised continuous hearth, allowing the fireplace to be more centered in the room. Once we started demolition, we had a surprise that the area to the right had a large empty space behind it, that allowed us to recess the bookcase, again making the fireplace more centered.

We designed the mantel and columns, incorporating a space for sconces. We covered up the old brick surround with 2x3 honed Calcutta marble tiles. It worked so well blending the white of the mantel and the grey of the new floor. The homeowner wasn't certain she was going to like the firebox raised off the floor without a hearth underneath, but we assured her it would give more room for chairs and was unnecessary from a code standpoint because we replaced the old slate floor with porclain tile that resembles wood. It's a clean, textured look that opened up the space. They decided to install a gas fireplace insert with gunmetal frame. Oooh the ambience came to life and the client is go glad we didn't have a hearth!

To bring the room together we added wood paneling on wall surrounding the fireplace area. This is the family's favorite spot in the room now! Even won out over the TV!

The final element was the custom radiator cover, with the same quality craftsmanship as the fireplace. We made another ugly element in the room a beautiful focal point.